Pre-Order a Volkswagen

Pre-Order a Volkswagen

Shopping for a new car is an exciting and fun time until it's not. After looking at vehicle after vehicle, dealing with multiple salespeople, and test driving more cars than you care to admit, you've found a car that perfectly fits your lifestyle. But wait, you don't have to wait for it to arrive at our lot. Pre-order your VW today, and you'll be cruising in your brand-new car in no time. 

The Benefits of Custom Designing and Pre-Ordering your VW


You're excited to be getting a new car, and you should be. Don't settle for one you aren't fully in love with just because you think it's your only option, and no dealership can check all the boxes of what you want in a vehicle. Visit us for a Volkswagen Design consultation to design your car exactly how you want it. We will then pre-order it for you and put it aside as soon as it arrives.


Take a few minutes to fill out and submit a reservation form.


Sit back and we'll contact you to verify pricing and finalize any additional details.


You'll be the first to know when deliveries have been scheduled.

We're Here to Help with No Risk to You

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and experience. We want you to love the car you drive and we aren't going to charge an additional cost to ensure you do. We will provide you with the lowest price advertised between the time you pre-order and when it arrives, plus walk you through the whole design process.


A Signed Bill of Sale

$ Deposit

Bank approval (If financing)

Pre-ordering a VW benefits

Pre-ordering allows you to customize your vehicle to get exactly what you want, without regrets. Customizable options include colour, seat material, external and internal accessories, etc. Not only that, other benefits come with pre-ordering your VW.

  • The ones you see on the lot are variations of cars that appeal to the masses. For example, they are black, white, or grey and have basic features with no individual luxuries. 
  • You get the features you want and avoid paying for those you don't want. 
  • More options. There is a shortage of vehicles, so the lot is limited in what it carries. Pre-ordering allows you to handpick the car and features you want. 

The wait, is it worth it?

Absolutely! What's a few extra weeks waiting for the exact car you want that you can enjoy for years, over settling for one that you want to trade in after a year.

Why Saskatoon for pre-ordering your VW?

When pre-ordering your VW, working with the right dealer makes the process enjoyable. Saskatoon VW sticks with you through all the steps, not just when ordering your car. We will keep you as updated as we are on the progress of your order. Pre-order your VW from us, and we will do our best to match or lower your loan or lease payments on your new 2022 VW.


 Do the customers need to make a deposit? Is it refundable? 

Yes, a minimal deposit is required, and in most cases, it is fully refundable. However, in certain circumstances, the deposit is not refundable. For example, if they order a manual or a unique colour combination. 

 Do they have to bring any specific documents? 

The pre-order documents are the same as when purchasing a car off the lot, such as driver's license, proof of funds, i.e., paystub to confirm lease or finance. 

 Can you pre-order by phone, online, and at the store? 

Customers can pre-order the most convenient way for them; by phone, online, or in-person at the dealership.  

 Can you trade-in and then pre-order? 

Yes, we will work with customers to take a trade-in against the vehicle. Price will be dependent on whether they can give their current vehicle up at the time of pre-order or if they need to wait until the new one arrives. 

 What is the average arriving time? 

We anticipate 45-60 days; however, it could take longer due to reasons outside of our control with issues OEMs' are facing.