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Our Reviews

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  • Asja B Marchand

    Asja B Marchand

    The service advisor actually asked me questions about my life and she tried to connect with me and treat me like a person, not just work. I find that sort of interaction very valuable when it comes to any type of customer service job. The work done on my car was also done expediently and done well.

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  • Jason Baskey

    Jason Baskey

    My experience here was a very pleasant one. The salesperson was very helpful and excellent to deal with. In fact i may purchase a vehicle from said salesperson.

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  • Pamela C

    Pamela C

    Great Staff! Friendly, welcoming, helpful and understanding. From the salesmen to the service department to the parts counter, everyone is so knowledgeable and really take the time to listen to you, and strive to give the best customer service. Highly recommend!!!

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